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Core concepts

Value investing
Valuation metric: PER, PBR
Price vs quality (good stock vs good investment)
Intrinsic value
Investment Philosophy and Process
Circle of Competence
Valuation, Timing, Fundamentals
Margin of Safety
Value vs Growth
Cigar butt analogy

Equity markets
Equity market: place to raise fund
Market capitalization
Indicators (market PER, flows, technicals)
Players (long-only funds, day-traders, hedge-funds, retail)
Brokers (Poems, UOB Kay Hian, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley)
Mr Market & Lemmings
Dream vs earnings progress
Efficient Market Hypothesis
Irrational exuberance, panic sell-off

Financial Statements
Format of P/L statement
Operating Profit (PL)
Net Profit (PL)

Format of B/S statement
Cash & cash equivalent(BS)
Interest bearing debt (BS)
Fixed Assets (BS)
Marketable and investment securities (BS)

Format of C/F statement
Cashflow from operations (CF)
Capex and Depreciation(CF)
Cashflow from financing, investing (CF)

Stock/Industry analysis
Stock analysis
Earnings driver
SWOT analysis
Financial ratios
Industry analysis
Food chain
Porter 5 forces
Industry outlook, growth phase
Secular trends
Short term catalysts

Advanced tools
Stock screens
Financial models
Due Diligence
Scenario analysis
Technical analysis
Online info sources & books

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