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Client Profiling

Email: xtam.sg@gmail.com
Pls book session 3 days in advance

Client profiling questions

Investing experience in years?
1. Less than 1 yr
2. 1 to 3 yrs
3. 3 to 5 yrs

Do you consider yourself as
1. Day trader
2. Momentum investor
3. Catalyst investor
4. Long term investor

What do you look for in the session?
1. Stock ideas
2. Cultivating own investment process
3. Trading tips

Are you familiar with these terms ?
2. Operating Margin
3. PE ratio
4. Price-to-book
5. Scenario analysis

Your preferred session type
1. Stock analysis
2. Secular trends
3. Investment process
4. Timing to trade

Stock ideas: Provide 1 to 2 stock ideas, but encourage client to do more self-research
20 min for each stock (cheatsheet provided)
Concept discussion: roughly 5-6 concepts per session
Concepts: Valuation, scenario analysis, stock screens, technicals, trends, Investment philosophy advice, value investing basics, earnings drivers, risk factors
timing, equity market workings
Please indicate preference in focus when booking

Flexible timing and location
Group session subjected to availability
Lots of Q&A
Pls book appointment 3 days in advance

Pls contact me

Email: xtam.sg@gmail.com
Based in Singapore