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Well, recently I realised that there are lots of money earning opportunities outside. It is all up to you to find out. One of my friends is earning a few hundred bucks a month simply selling virtual weapons and houses for Ultima Online!


Another friend earn a pile by investing in the US stock market! I myself made some miserable capital gains by investing in forex.

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The internet is a great tool to earn money.Of course, There is always risk involved. Be careful about putting your money into something you don't really know. My advice is go for the biggest and safest organizations. For eg, when you want to trade US stocks online, go for Etrade. Try not to save transaction fees by using small online brokerage firms. 



Below is a sample of something I did using java. I tried to draw a Star Destroyer but it was too complicated. The program got to a few thousand lines. So here is what you see. 

I do try to do some reading when I am free and I did wrote some simple articles regarding current affairs and theoretical science. Some are posted in Zodiac's forum at I hope to get a bulletin board up here too. Perhaps we can discuss Relativity then!