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Providing investment advice and stock analysis in Singapore

Pls book session 3 days in advance

Experience in buy-side fund managment
Currently pursuing further studies in wealth management
Loves sharing knowledge and information
Strong mathematics background and adept at explaining investment concepts
Believes that investment should be made easier for everyone to learn

Company Annual Report
MS Excel (for modelling and scenario analysis)
Valuation (using Price Earnings Ratio (PER) or Price-to-Book (PBR)
Good brokers and sell-side analyst reports
Financial information providers (Bloomberg, Thomson, etc good to have but not necessary)

Stock ideas: Provide 1 to 2 stock ideas, but encourage client to do more self-research
20 min for each stock (cheatsheet provided)
Concept discussion: roughly 5-6 concepts per session
Concepts: Valuation, scenario analysis, stock screens, technicals, trends, Investment philosophy advice, value investing basics, earnings drivers, risk factors
timing, equity market workings
Knowledge sharing: investment basics with syllabus of core concepts
Helps build investment philosophy and investment process
Please indicate preference in focus when booking

Flexible timing and location
Group session subjected to availability
Lots of Q&A
Pls book appointment 3 days in advance

Last notes:
It is not hard to make money from the stock market,
one just need a good investment process and a lot of patience.
Successful people stick to their process,
Warren Buffett, George Soros, Peter Lynch, etc.
It is different for everyone, and this is the beauty of investing.

Based in Singapore


Client Profiling

CFA Tuition