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Offering affordable CFA tuition in Singapore for Level 1, 2, 3.

$40 - $55 per hour depending on location
Flexible timing, both weekdays and weekends,
Recommends 1 x 2hr lesson per week for 15 weeks before exam
No obligation to take 15 lessons, just call as and when candidate needs tuition
Pls book lesson 3 days in advance

In Singapore only

Tutor profile - CFA charterholder working in financial industry
Believes that tackling CFA could be easier and cheaper
Strong mathematics background and adept at explaining CFA concepts.
Work involves real world application of CFA studies, in-depth learning is possible
Enjoys teaching and committed to see candidates pass

Uses Schweser study guides
Provides tips and cheatsheets on tackling each reading assignment
Helps construct notes for revision
Uses TI BAII PLUS Calculator, thorough teaching on calculation technique
Works with past questions, Schweser questions and provides analysis of answers

1.5 to 2 hrs for 1 study session, 20 - 30 min for each reading assignment
Impactful teaching to help retain knowledge
Tailor-made lesson for each individual depending on individual's focus
On each reading assignment, highlights key issues, explain difficult concepts, working examples, memorising tips
Candidates to do homework outside lessons
Recap at end of lesson to help retain knowledge

Last notes:
Each level of CFA has roughly 1500 pages of reading assignments
On average, one can cover 30 pages in 1 hr
1st reading will take 50 hours, to pass, one has to read at least 3 times
That's 150 hours. Assuming 10 hours of studying per week, that's 15 weeks
With tuition, one can cover 100 pages in 2 hrs
That's 15 hours for 1st reading and roughly 30 hours to pass the exam
Wish tutoring and learning was affordable right?

In Singapore only