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Hello! I am Jason Low. But my friends know me better as Xantuar. I have a family, consisting of my beloved parents and my loving younger sister, staying at Jurong East, the most happening part of Singapore.

Basically, I am the most studious and diligent zodiac among all. Why? Simply because I am the king who had been successfully accepted by GIC ( income tax one) as one of the few privileged scholars. Yet, I have to admit a cruel fact : I am certainly not the cleverest one because I COOK instant noodles with a PLASTIC container!

I had done lots of things like other youth. Undoubtedly, that left me no regrets leaving Singapore to pursue a degree in Japan. I put in my best efforts in studies and the next thing you know, they published my name on the newspaper.

The only thing I would have miss is to drink tea and eat Beng Kang Roti with the zodiac members at the Kopi Tiam at JE. We always gather there and talk cok till we're so tired we have to leave. When I come to Japan. I used to cook instant noodles and eat by myself. But no worries! Once a King always a King! Now I have a girlfriend to go Itai Ramen ( Moving noodle stall in Japan) to eat Ramen together!

The rest of you who is still on the bench, Jia You man!!

Name: Wen Jie, Liu

Nicknames: Xantuar

DOB: 5th October 1977


What's he doing now: In his 3rd year in University of Tokyo. Latest news, he engaged himself in a stock game spend sleepless nights trading in the US market I think. 

Famous Quotes: "Ni3 Bu4 Yau4 Kum lah", "Ni3 Bu4 Hui4 Qu4 Si3"
"Ni3 Pull-Up La1 Ji3 Sia?"